Roof Cleaning Services

 One of the most common questions asked is, "how do we clean our roofs?"  In essence, there are two types of cleaning methods that we provide, high pressure or an eco friendly, no pressure chemical wash.  If you are inquiring about having a asphalt shingle roof cleaned, you only have one option and that's no pressure (soft wash).  If you use "ANY" pressure on a shingle roof, you will instantly be in the market for a roofer following your cleaning experience!  Our "no pressure" (soft wash) system was formulated by recommendations of the leading roof manufacturers with a twist from a former chemical engineer of Procter & Gamble.  Hook & Ladder Pressure Cleaning LLC takes the roof cleaning business very seriously.  Whenever possible we wear safety harnesses, and also protect all landscaping to ensure that every plant, bush, and/or tree remain just as beautiful as it was before the job began!  This style of cleaning is the preferred standard by the Hook & Ladder Pressure Cleaning staff given several reasons.  First and foremost on tile roofs, there is less foot traffic on the roof.  Unlike using high pressure, you aren't required to walk on every single tile of every single row.  This keeps the integrity of your roof tiles and makes it much safer for the crew member(s) walking the roof.  Secondly, your roof remains mold free for a substantially much longer time than just using high pressure.  Without the use of any chemicals/detergents you will never "kill" the mold.  Think of it as just sweeping your floor and never mopping it.  Sure it looks great at first, however, mold growth starts all over again as soon 



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